It is very unwise for a party to a lawsuit to discuss the lawsuit or the judge in public. Those statements will almost always become known to the judge. Donald Trump insists on discussing the judge’s actions in the lawsuit over the travel ban. On Sinday, he tweeted that Judge Robart’s decisions was “terrible” and that if there was some mayhem resulting from the lifting of the ban, then the fault would lie with the judge. He accused the judge of placing our country in peril. See CNN news report. There is an old saying: do not mess with teachers in the classroom, policeman on the streets or judges in the court room. Each of those persons are accustomed to being in charge of their respective environments. More importantly, each environment will quickly devolve into chaos if respect and decorum are not maintained.

Comments outside the court room will be noted. Assigning improper motives to the judge will cause some offense. That is so unwise in the midst of a difficult lawsuit. And, it surely drives his legal team crazy. His comments make this lawsuit personal. But, even worse, his comments help show the true motive for this travel ban.

Challenges to the ban are based at least in part on discrimination. The best way to show discrimination is comments by the persons who created or implemented the ban. His comments are admissible evidence. He might well be making his case worse, not better with his tweets.