The Apprentice with Donald Trump was a top rated show for some 14 years. It turns out that behind the scenes, Donald Trump would often engage is sexual banter and teasing with the cast members and the crew. He would repeatedly discuss the rear end of one female camera operator he found attractive. He discussed her looks for years and apparently had a crush on her. See San Antonio Express News report. Many cast and crew members found his remarks inappropriate. The show had cast members sign a non-disclosure agreement. They agreed not to disclose such things.

On the set, whenever there was a lull in the conversation, Mr. Trump would ask one cast member if he would f—  another particular female cast member. If the male cast member would avoid the question, Mr. Trump would persist, pressing the issue. He often discussed female contestants and how they would be in bed.

Such comments are entirely inappropriate in a professional setting. Apart from a lack of professionalism, such remarks serve as evidence of female bias. All an employee needs for a discrimination case is one unexplained termination and remarks like that. It just bad business to continually discuss whether someone is attractive or not. And, while this rationale would probably not appeal to Mr. Trump, it just is not a nice thing to do. What message do comments like that send?