Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants the country to think he is tough. He is tough on prisoners. Unfortunately for Hispanics, he is also tough on Hispanic Americans. I last wrote about Sheriff Arpaio here. He would not refrain from targeting Hispanics in his traffic stops. The federal judge in Phoenix has warned Sheriff Arpaio several times. The “tough” sheriff claims he violated the judge’s order unknowingly. But, Judge Murray Snow does not believe him.

Sherri Arpaio has done little to preserve his credibility. He famously hired a private investigator to investigate the judge’s wife. He was found to have hidden some 50 hard drives regarding a secret investigation of Judge Snow himself. Sheriff Arpaio seems to enjoy controversy.

As expected, he has been charged with criminal contempt. Criminal contempt can be a misdemeanor or a felony. If charged with a misdemeanor violation, he would face just six months in jail. See CBS News report. But, a felony conviction would force him to give up his Sheriff position.

This all stems from a racial harassment lawsuit the Sheriff lost three years ago. All he had to do was follow the judge’s orders. We can only assume he wants this sort of fuss with the the federal judge. He must see political advantage in this.