Donald Trump’s pronouncements are like a broken record, one after another. He recently said that women who are harassed at work need to change jobs or careers. He said nothing about the possibility that, oh by the way, maybe we should enforce laws prohibiting sexual harassment. He questioned the women who are accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Later, his son, Eric, tried to explain his comments. He said his sister, Ivanka, is strong. She would not allow herself to be harassed. He added that she should report any harassment to Human Resources. Criticism followed, apparently because he indicated some strong women could somehow prevent harassment.

Gretchen Carlson, one of the women accusing Roger Ailes of harassment, tweeted that Eric was essentially blaming women for the harassment, and that she is strong. Megan Kelly, the Fox anchor, simply tweeted, “Sigh.”

Finally, later in the day, Ivanka appeared on Fox TV News and said sexual harassment should not occur. If it does, it should be reported. See CBS news report.

Those poor Trumps. It takes three of them to finally figure out their stance on sexual harassment.