Its a remarkable story. An octogenarian team owner makes racist comments to his girlfriend, asking her not to bring blacks to "his" games. Donald Sterling specifically asks her not to bring "Magic" Johnson to any San Diego Clippers games. See CBS news report

Mr. Sterling has made outrageous statements before. He is one of the largest property owners in Los Angeles. He refused to rent to African-Amricans. He was sued by the Department of Justice in 2006 for housing discrimination. He eventually had to pay over $2 million to settle that alwsuit. See ESPN report. Allegations included that Mr. Sterling instructed his staff to rent to Koreans and to avoid Mexican-Americans. 

In 2003, a group of nineteen plaintiffs sued him for housing discrimination against blacks. Again, he paid millions of dollars to settle those claims. Yet, until this latest brouhaha, the NAACP was schedueld to give him a lifetime achievement award. 

And, by the way, Mr. Sterling is married. His girlfriend has been sued by Mrs. Sterling….