Even big name clients and well known lawyers have problems with their clients.  Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, filed suit against the National Security Agency regarding its spying on Americans’ phone records.  Buit, he may not have paid his lawyer.  According to an ABA Bar Journal report, Bruce Fein wrote the Complaint, the legal document that starts the lawsuit.  But, the Complaint was signed by Ken Cuccinelli, former Virginia Attorney General.  Bruce Fein is a nationally known lawyer who specializes in individual rights.  I just heard him speak on National Public Radio last week about gay marriages.  He is also representing Ed Snowden’s father pro bono.  

Bruce Fein’s former wife and spokesperson is Mattie Fein.  She has expressed concern that Mr. Cuccinelli does not acknowledge that the Complaint was drafted by Mr. Fein.  She says Sen. Paul still owes Mr. Fein for his work on the case.  See ABA Bar Journal report

It is indeed unusual for the lawyer who drafted the Complaint to not sign the Complaint.  His absence from the Complaint suggests he quit or was fired from the case very early in the lawsuit.   Perhaps even U.S. senators have trouble paying their bills.  And, perhaps even nationally prominent lawyers do not ask for large enough retainers sometimes.  Well, many of us make that mistake on occasion…..