I previously wrote here about Alma Guzman and how she settled her claims against Southside Independent School District.  This is the first time to my knowledge that an employee loses a motion for summary judgment and then reaches a settlement.  I wondered how that was possible, especially since it sounded like her evidence for retaliation was weak.  The amount was not disclosed then, even though it should be open record.  

Well, I still wonder.  But, now we know she settled for $120,000.  See San Antonio Express News report.  The board said it voted for the settlement to avoid having to defend the appeal.  Sure, an appeal that would cost the board perhaps $10,000 to defend and which the board was very likely to win.  

$120,000 is a very high amount for someone who lost on summary judgment and would then appeal to the pro-employer Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Or, perhaps we should not wonder.  Ms. Guzman was and still is a trustee on the Southside ISD school board.