Ok, I have been tempted once or twice to file suit when someone at the store gets my order wrong, or they make me wait too long.  i might have even joked about doing so once or twice.  But, I have never seriously considered suing over something trivial.  I mean, let’s be real.  

But, a Personal Injury lawyer in New York City did not hesitate when Brooks Brothers, he believes, gave him the wrong suit.  Robert Ginsberg filed suit for $7,646 when the retailer gave him a suit that was a slightly different color and the wrong size than the one he believed he purchased.  He is asking for $646 for the suit, $2000 for his time when he had to argue with the store for 90 minutes and $5,000 in punitive damages.  Of course, he did not discover the error for a couple of months, after he opened the garment bag.  See ABA Bar Journal report

Mr. Ginsberg previously sued American Airlines for $2 million when he had an altercation with an attendant over a food cart.  That suit was dismissed and is now on appeal.  

Ok, so the next time Popeye’s gets my order wrong, look out…….