In the lawsuit business, we have to deal with "difficult" people on occasion.  Its just part of the business.  Molly DiBianca has written about the "Rambo" litigators – those lawyers who seek victory at any cost.  See her post here.  Her comment that bullying lawyers tend to lose their cool when they perceive some disadvantage is spot on.  Mean people are scared people, as she says.  Its difficult for my clients, but when the opposing lawyer loses his/her cool, that is probably a good sign for us.  

Bullying lawyers are rare, but they are out there.  I urge my clients not to respond in kind.  Ultimately, anything said by either party will come in front of the judge or jury.  So, its better to let the judge or jury exact appropriate "revenge." 

And, as Molly reminds us, lawyers who lose control of their tempers will probably lose control of their case, as well…..