The average middle class homeowner comes into contact with the legal system in a couple of ways.  One way is the dreaded homeowners association.  Ed and Billye Simmons took on the homeowners association and won.  But, it took them 11 years and $220,000 in legal fees to do so.  It all started when the Florida couple received a bill for $2,212 for resodding their lawn.  The homeowners association imposed a lien on the Simmons home, apparently when they failed to pay for the resodding. 

The trial court found that the association did not follow its own governing rules.  The court awarded the couple $85,000 in damages.  The court will hold a hearing soon regarding how much attorney’s fees might be awarded.  See ABA Bar Journal report.  But, one has to wonder how many assets any homeowner’s association might have.  The Simmons may never get all their money back.  But, at least, they have now received some vindication.