We always hear about the million dollar judgment in an employment case.  But, in reality, far more cases result in $30,000 judgments or less.  This is especially true in federal court.  In the case of Barney v. Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, No. SA-11-CV-268, a jury found in favor of the plaintiff regarding her wage claim.  The lawsuit, filed in U.S. district court, concerned overtime wages.  The San Antonio jury awarded $29,500 in unpaid overtime wages.  The judge later awarded another $29,500 in liquidated damages and $10,000 in attorney’s fees.  

So, no, contrary to what many plaintiffs expect, the jury did not get mad and award the maximum amount allowed.  They simply, calmly awarded the amount which the plaintiff was owed.  The trial result, like many, did not appear in the San Antonio Express News.  The jury quietly did its job and then went home.  That is how the judicial system is supposed to work.