It does not happen often, but once in a blue moon, a lawyer is recognized for civility.  Christy Susman, a lawyer for Jack Daniels Whiskey, wrote a very polite cease-and-desist letter to the publisher of a book which used a facsimile of the famous Jack Daniels label on the cover of a book.  

The letter starts with the remark that the company feels flattered by the use of the label and appreciates that the Jack Daniels label is part of pop culture.  Surely you can see how, the letter adds, that if we allow this incorrect use of the label, the brand will be weakened.  Because the author is a Louisville "neighbor" and a fan of the brand, please change the book cover when you next re-print it, concludes the letter.  If the author would be willing to change the book cover sooner (including  the digital version), then the company would be willing to share the expense. 

The letter has become very popular on the internet.  Above the Law blog did a post titled "Cease and Desist Letter of the Day: Captain Jack Doesn’t Need mean Lawyers."  See Above the Law blog post

The letter apparently worked.  The publisher has said he would revise the book cover when it is re-printed. See ABA Bar Journal report.  Anytime a lawyer can get the needed result without expensive litigation, then that is a good day.