It is tempting, when unjustly charged with something at work, to refuse the employer’s instructions.  We need to resist such temptations.  The boss remains the boss until replaced by a bigger boss or by a judge.  An employee at San Antonio Independent School District may learn this lesson the hard way.  Leticia Rivera worked for SAISD for over 20 years.  She got into some sort of verbal dispute with her prinicipal.  Ms. Rivera was asked to leave the school.  But, Ms. Rivera insisted on retrieving her personal possessions first.  An SAISD policeman was called.  

Ms. Rivera says the officer pushed her against the wall and later arrested her after she insisted on retrieving her belongings.  The school claims the teacher’s aide resisted arrest.  Ms. Rivera has filed a charge with the EEOC.  She says a coach was allowed to stay in his job despite committing a significant infraction of his own.  

But, my question is why insist on anything after she has been told to leave?  It is a difficult lesson for employees.  But, the boss remains the boss until replaced by a bigger boss or by the judge.  If the supervisor tells you to leave, no matter how unjustified, you must do what they tell you.  No EEOC charge or lawsuit can change that reality.  Lawsuits mean nothing until a judge or jury reach a final decision.  

See San Antonio Express News report