Its a crazy way to run a lawsuit.  Alma Rosa Guzman was fired by the Southside Independent School District in November, 2010.  She filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  In May, 2011, she was elected to the Board of Trustees for Southside ISD.  Now, she has received her right-to-sue letter and yes, she has filed suit against her Board. 

See San Antonio Express News report.  I first wrote about this story here.  Alma Rosa Guzman is precluded from closed board meetings about her case.  She has asked for $800,000 and then $600,000 to settle her claims.  Not knowing what her salary and benefits were, those still seem like pretty high amounts.  The Board, with Ms. Guzman abstaining, rejected those offers.  

She claims in her suit that she was paid less then males doing comparable work and that she was denied a promotion that would have been awarded to a male.  She was fired after working for Southside 30 years.  

The rest of the Board says her lawsuit is "divisive."  I bet it is.