A St. Phillip’s College professor was denied tenure.  Angela Wilson then filed charges of racism and retaliation against the president of St. Phillip’s College, Adena Loston.  See San Antonio Express News report.  Ms. Wilson, a professor of radiography, was also involved in a dispute with the Veterans Administration Hospital.  St. Phillip’s had an internship program with the VA hospital’s radiography department.  Ms. Wilson felt the St. Phillip’s students were being mis-treated, so she pulled them out of the program.  In the following school year, she tried to place new students in the program.  The VA then said they had no room for student interns.  

Mr. Loston learned of the snafu after the internship program was essentially shut down by the VA.  He found Ms. Wilson, Donna Laird and Jerry Narvaez, another professor at fault.  Ms. Wilson was given a final warning at the time.  About the same time, Ms. Wilson filed a sex harassment charge against a fellow male professor, Warren Parker.  She was denied tenure soon afterward.  She appealed and lost her hearing before the Alamo Community College District trustees.  St. Phillip’s College is a part of the ACCD system. 

I previously wrote about the radiography department at St. Phillip’s here and here.  Ms. Wilson filed her complaint against the same Warren Parker described in my prior posts.  It does appear that the radiography department at St. Phillip’s is dysfunctional.  As many of my employee clients have found, termination, even when involuntary, is often the best result possible.  Some jobs just require too much emotional investment.