Residents of a north Bexar County community have accused a deputy Sheriff of racial profiling.  See San Antonio Express News report.  Some residents of Timberwood Park, near Bulverde, and local activists claim that Deputy Patrick Plate has been targeting Hispanics and pulling them over for traffic stops and calling US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when the Hispanics could not prove citizenship.  The deputy has been reassigned pending the investigation.  The Sheriff’s Office explained that immigration is not one of their responsibilities. 

The activists said reassigning the deputy to another area is not enough.  He should be off the streets, said one.  The residents said the deputy has apparently been targeting Hispanics driving old, beat-up pickup trucks.  Miguel Perez said he saw Deputy Plate peering into the windows of trucks stopped at a traffic light.  One of the trucks was driven by a co-worker of Mr. Perez.  Miguel Perez talked to the deputy about this and the deputy said the truck had malfunctioning lights.  Mr. Perez denies the lights were malfunctioning. 

In the most recent state legislative session, Gov. Perry tried to pass legislation making it easier for local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws.  His attempts, however, failed.