I love the lawsuit business.  Other than my other career, the Army Reserve, this is one area where you see people acting gracefully under pressure – or not.  Charlie Sheen has been imploding for the past few weeks.  He apparently has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  He very publicly disprespected his boss, his executive producer.  He was then fired in a very public way.  He has now filed his suit seeking "bazillions."  But, now the lawsuit seeks a mere $100 million.  

It was clear he would file for some sort of breach of contract.  But, his lawsuit actually refers to a perceived disability by Warner Brothers that Charlie was in a manic state or was bipolar.  The complaint says Warner Bros. refused to accommodate the "alleged" disabilities.  The suit does not admit that Charlie actually suffers from a disability of any sort.  See ABA Bar Journal report.  The suit accuses the executive producer, Chick Lorre, of making derogatory remarks about Mr. Sheen’s condition.  The suit also includes a cause of action for breach of contract.  

The complaint includes some personal attacks against Mr. Lorre suggesting to me that the client, Charlie Sheen, had too much imput into the drafting of the document.  The complaint also appears to include an error under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  One cannot seek accommodation for a perceived disability.  An employee can only seek accommodation for an actual disability.   I suspect the lawyers tried to work in the disability theory, but Mr. Sheen must have flinched from admitting he suffers from bipolar disorder.  The disability theory is an interesting approach for a major Hollywood star to take.  But, it appears he backed down from it at the last minute.  So, the lawsuit does not claim he has a disability, yet it essentially asks for some sort of accommodation for the disability he does not claim

I need to add that in a previous position with Advocacy, Inc., I represented many, many persons with bipolar disorder.  Almost all of them comported themselves with dignity and respect, which qualities Mr. Sheen appears to lack.