A podiatrist from the Hondo, Texas area tried to cancel his own hearing in US District Court.  See San Antonio Express News report.  Donald E. Robinson faxed papers to the federal courthouse announcing that his hearing had been canceled and naming himself as a surety for a $300 million bond, I presume to guarantee his appearance in court.  (So that’s how you get federal hearings   canceled…..)

Dr. Robinson explained to the Express News that he had tried to work things out with the federal prosecutors, but they would not return his phone calls.  He had asked them about reaching a settlement of his case.  He hoped that the papers he faxed would help resolve things.  He was indicted in August for failing to pay his US taxes.  He says he relied on advice from an accountant.  He did not attend his hearing because he thought he was working things out with the prosecutor. 

It sounds like this time, he is not relying on the advice of a lawyer.  I do not practice criminal law, but I do not think that filing false documents will help his case.