In a recent lawsuit, three former teachers claim their First Amendment rights were violated after they told a KENS 5 reporter that their principal kept some sex toys in her office.  See San Antonio Express News report.    The three teachers formerly taught at Gabriel Tafollla charter school in Uvalde.  They had complained to a reporter that a teacher who sold the sex toys was not renewed for the following school year, while the principal with some of the sex toys in her office was promoted.  The three teachers supposedly made their complaints anonymously.  See KENS 5 news story.  But, they were subsequently fired, suggesiting the school learned their identities.  

First Amendment rights apply to governmental employers.  So, I have to assume the lawyer, Ed Pina, can show that the charter school is a governmental entity.  Otherwise, this sort of suit is exactly what the First Amendment is intended to protect: discourse about issues of public concern.  Some members of the community would possibly be concerned that a principal has sex toys at school or that a charter school is terminating some employees for selling sex toys, while promoting others involved with sex toys.