A Detroit law firm requires secretaries to wear heels.  Until just a few years ago, they used teacups and saucers for coffee.  This is a traditional law firm.  One woman injured herself wearing heels.  Her heel caught on the carpet.  She hurt her back.  She had to take medical four times as part of her treatement. So, her employer, Honigman, Schwatrz, and Cohn refused to let her come back to work after her fourth medical leave.  See ABA Journal report.  They fired her. 

Denise Fitzhenry injured her back.  Now, she has sued for violations of the Americans with Disabilities act and the Family Medical Leave Act.  99% of the secretaries at Honigman are female.  She also alleges a hostile and degrading work environment for secretaries.  Her lawyer, Deborah Gordon, describes the law firm as very traditional.  They are like the "Mad Men," the television show, the lawyer explains.  Yes, I am sure…..