The City of San Antonio settled a case filed by Capt. Rosemary Flammia alleging sex discrimination. See San Antonio Express News report.  I mentioned this case last week.  See prior post.  Capt. Flammia, a female officer, sued the City when she was demoted in 2007 from the post of Deputy Chief of Police.  The settlement will include reinstatement to the Deputy Chief position for one day before retiring and payment of $249,000.  

She had been Deputy Chief for seven years when she was demoted.  One has to wonder what the new Chief was thinking when he demoted someone with no better reason than he wanted to.  If he did not speak with Human Resources for that sort of decision, then he did not do his job.  He was also involved somehow in another sex discrimination case from another city.  

She would have been paid $124,000 as Deputy Chief instead of the $93,000 she received as captain.  So, it appears she got her lost pay and more in her settlement.  That is a good settlement for her.  The City continues to deny liability.  But, no one pays that much money if they believe they have a viable defense.