Rosemary Flammia rose to Deputy Police Chief.  Then, a new Police Chief, William McManus, arrived and he demoted her down to Captain in 2007.  Capt. Flammia was the highest ranked female, I am sure, in San Antonio history.  She was also passed over for two promotions to Assistant Police Chief. Why was she demoted?  According to a recent San Antonio Express News article, the City’s attorney said in 2007 the Chief could pick whoever he pleased for his staff.  See Express News story.  So, Capt. Flammia sued for sex discrimination. 

I am sure the Chief can indeed pick whoever he wishes for his staff.  But, he cannot do so if motivated by discriminatory bias.  I presume that if he had a non-discriminatory reason in 2007, he would have provided it.  If the best reason they can articulate is "cause he wanted to," then the City should settle this case.