A woman in New York filed suit alleging she was fired essentially because she was too attractive.  See report.  According to the lawsuit allegations, the former employee at Citibank was criticized by male co-workers because her curvaceous figure was too distracting in standard business attire and high heels.  The plaintiff claimed in the lawsuit that other women dressed more provocatively than she did but suffered no ill treatment.  The plaintiff brought that to management’s attention.  But, according to the suit, the plaintiff, Debrahlee Lorenzana, was told that the general unattractiveness of the other other women rendered their attire moot.  This treatment and her termination amounted to sex discrimination, said the plaintiff. 

A friend of Ms. Lorenzana praises her work at Citibank.  She said Ms. Lorenzana does indeed turn men’s heads and some men turn into "complete idiots around her."  But, that’s not her problem and should not be her problem, notes the friend.  

Ms. Lorenzana’s lawsuit is moving to arbitration due to an employment agreement.  

Actually, it would be hard to show sex discrimination if you cannot show how men are treated better.  On the other hand, this sort of treatment would not occur were she not female.  It is not particularly fair to treat anyone differently because of the way they look.  But, Title VII is not about being fair.  It is about treating one gender differently than another gender.  Arbitration hearings are secret.  So, we may never know the result.