A frequent issue arises concerning the right of an employer to deduct debts from an employee’s paycheck.  Texas Workforce Commission recognizes three occasions when an employer may make such deductions: 1) in response to an order from a competent court, such as for child support; 2) state or federally mandated withholdings; and 3) when authorized in writing by the employee.  See TWC info.  

So, for example, when the employee owes payments on a loan to the employer, the employer may not deduct those payments from the paycheck.  Even if the employer has a signed loan agreement, the employer may not deduct those payments without written authorization from the employee.  

But, the other shoe is that TWC will probably do nothing more than send letters to the employer finding them at fault.  I have personally never heard of TWC taking stronger steps than sending letters to the miscreant employer.