Texas Workforce Commission is supposed to enforce the Texas statutes regarding wages.  A statute is a law passed by the state legislature.  TWC provides a summary of the Texas Payday Statute at: http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ui/lablaw/pdlsum.html.  Many employees want to know when must an employer pay the last paycheck?  Frequently,  many employers withhold the last paycheck until Joe Employee turns in his tools, pays for a damaged rear view mirror, turns in her uniforms, or whatever.  

But, the employer cannot do these things.  An employer cannot hold the final paycheck until an employee turns in tools or whatever.  The employer must pay the last paycheck within six days of the last day.  Texas Labor Code Art. 61.014.  But, this law has no real teeth.  The employer can incur a criminal penalty for missing this deadline.  But, few District Attorney’s would have the time to prosecute what they see as a relatively minor crime.