I talked a while back about how it can be hard to find a plaintiff lawyer for employment cases.  How about those times when the plaintiff employment lawyer does not want your case?  Harold Goldner, a plaintiff employment lawyer in Pennsylvania, talks about some cases he (and I) do not want to accept.  

A young man called me one time and insisted he cussed out out his boss one time, not twice as his boss claimed.  I had to explain to him that a boss can fire you even for merely cussing him out one time.  Yes, folks, hate to break the bad news to you, but you can be fired for unfair reasons (or for reasons some people believe to be unfair).  Texas is what is known as a "at will" state.  You can be fired "at will" and you can quit "at will."  Most states are "at will."  We are no different.  Except for a few situations, discrimination, a union agreement, or a written employment agreement, among other situations, a person can be fired for any trivial reason.  There is still no substitute for hard work and making an effort to get along. 

In my experience, the best plaintiff is the reluctant plaintiff, the one who comes to see a lawyer only as a last resort.