NPR has a good story on the evils of  mandatory arbitration in the workplace.  Unfortunately, it is all too accurate.  Mandatory arbitration simply does not work well in the non-union workplace.  It favors employers over employees.  Note the experience of one arbitrator who ruled against the company one time, after finding in favor of the credit card companies 19 previous times.  She was removed from the list of potential arbitrators.  

The problem with arbitration in the workplace is that arbitrators are employed or hired for a case only when both sides agree.  Both sides are presented with a list of potential arbitrators.  Both sides can strike whoever they wish.  Employers go to arbitrations multiple times.  Employers will have an institutional memory of who rules which way.  An employee will generally go to arbitration only once. The arbitrators understand this.  If they want future employment, they must find in favor of the employer.  

Support the Arbitration Fairness Act now before Congress.