I recently talked about clients who "forget" key evidence because they are nervous or simply frightened about their situation.  On the other hand, there are, on very rare occasions, those folks at the opposite extreme.  The potential clients who know or should know they do not have a strong case.  They just want to manipulate the system.   In some 15 years of actively doing employment cases, I have had maybe 2-3 clients who fit this category.  But, even they, I think, deluded themselves into thinking they had a case or might have a case.  One potential client, a spurned lover in an affair gone bad, simply wanted me to tell her how to get revenge or her former boss, her former lover.  

I am not really in the revenge business.  For one thing, how can I be sure that the available "revenge" will be enough revenge?  It is never wise to accept clients you cannot hope to satisfy.  But, it is flatly unethical for a lawyer to file a claim s/he knows is not well grounded.  If you do that too often, you, as a lawyer, will gain a reputation for weak claims.  So, ultimately, it is simply bad business to file weak claims.  

So, yes, it is very rare, but once in a great while people do come see me about claims they know or should know are weak.  But, you know, out of some thousands of potential clients, 2-3 is not too bad.  The overwhelming majority of clients who come see me are very sincere, even if they may be wrong or simply lack objective evidence.  Most just want to know: "Do I have a valid claim?"