The National Labor Board enforces the National Labor Relations Act.  The NLRB is essentially the Supreme Court for unions.  The NLRB is comprised of board members appointed by the President.  NLRB appointments are very political.  It is not unusual for the NLRB to be unable to act because the administration in power will not or cannot get its appointments through the Senate.  Indeed, Mr. Obama had to appoint new board members as recess appointments, because the Republicans blocked his candidates. 

Board member Terence Flynn, a Republican appointee has been found guilty of serious ethical lapses.  The IG for the NLRB has found evidence of breaches of confidentiality.  See Workplace Blog.  Mr. Flynn provided confidential information to a law firm with pending litigation before the Board – the information included likely votes of other board members regarding that pending litigation.  Mr. Flynn was also found guilty of lying to investigators about his actions.  Mr. Flynn told lawyers with clients appearing before the board about pre-decisional votes, the early positions of board members, and the status of cases.  

That is pretty extreme.  It would be comparable to a Supreme Court justice providing early opinions of other justices about a case that had not yet been decided.  In the legal world, this is as clear a breach of ethics as it gets.