The facts are dramatic: a woman is fired after she donates a kidney for her boss.  But, the situation also describes pretty well how an employment relationship deteriorates.  Debbie Stevens, 47 and a mother of two, worked for Atlantic Automotive Group, a large dealership group in New York.  Her boss, Jackie Brucia, 61, is a Controller for the Group.  Ms. Stevens donated her kidney, so that Ms. Brucia could move up higher on the donee list.  Ms. Brucia got her kidney, thanks to Ms. Stevens.

Ms. Stevens went through the surgery in August, 2011.  The doctors hit a nerve in her leg, causing complications.  She suffered discomfort and digestive problems..  Ms. Stevens returned to work four weeks later.  At that time, Ms. Brucia started harassing Ms. Stevens.  The boss accused Ms. Stevens of things she did not do.  The supervisor became angry when Ms. Stevens took sick leave three days after her return.  See News Net5 report.  Ms. Brucia accused the employee of being an "actress" apparently regarding her pain.  She screamed at her with some frequency. 

Ms. Stevens was then demoted and forced to work at a dealership 50 miles away.  Ms. Stevens hired lawyers who sent a letter to Atlantic Automotive Group.  She was fired days later.  See ABC News report

And, that is how it often goes.  The employee misses substantial time, then misses more work and the employer over-reacts.