There was a time when I enjoyed Dr. Laura and her "tough love" advice.  On my long drives to Reserve duty, there was often not much else available on the radio.  Her no-nonsense style appealed to me for a time.  Now, she is quitting after 30 years, apparently due to her use of the n- word.  See report.  I heard a brief snippet of her advice to a woman complaining about being called a n- by certain white relatives. Dr. Laura used the word over and over trying to make the point that if the word is used on HBO and other places, then it cannot be too offensive.  

Say what?  That is the point of the shows, HBO and others, that use the epithet, to demonstrate the offensive capabilities of the word.  Some people just do not get it.  She has apologized.  But, I have to say, what is so hard about understanding that the n- word is very, very offensive in certain situations.  Why is this such a revelation?