The EEOC has found reasonable cause to believe there is overt racial discrimination at a plant in Paris, Texas.  Paris is in deep East Texas, more Southern than Western in its culture.  The EEOC is seeking to conciliate the matter.  See report.  The EEOC found that black workers were routinely subjected to racial slurs, comments and intimidation at a pipe fabrication plant owned by Turner Industries.  Black workers were passed over for promotion and subjected to discipline more harshly than white workers.  The workers provided photos of the notes, the nooses and the graffitti.  Turner Industries claims it cleaned up the graffiti as soon as possible.  Turner Industries has other locations in Texas.  See CNN story.  

If the employer claims it took remedial action, the  the case will likely turn on whether they took strong enough action quickly enough.  Conciliation, as practiced by the EEOC, can proceed quickly.  The last time I went through conciliation, the EEOC proposed settlement terms.  The employer refused and that was it.  Conciliation in my experience can go pretty quickly.  According to the CNN story, management retaliated against white workers who complained.  If that can be shown, then the employer will pay a steep price to conciliate.  

EEOC offices can vary a great deal from area to area, but in my experience, the EEOC is very careful about making direct public claims of discrimination.  If the EEOC makes public a claim of discrimination, they have pretty strong evidence in support. 

Yes, Dorothy, there is still overt discrimination in the world.